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Web Design & Development
Here's a list of typical pages you can choose to have on your site. These are just suggestions and you are not limited to these; the choices are always yours.

For example, you might wish to have a single "Media" page with video and voiceover clips, or you may want your contact info listed only on your resume page. You can have as many video clips, photos, and audio clips as you choose.

We can also integrate PayPal into your site so you can have items for sale and/or be paid by clients directly on your site. For example, I've integrated PayPal payments for books and music CDs on sites I've built. We can set up your site to display your live Twitter feed as well. And if you want to show your upcoming show dates on your site, I have integrated clients' Google Calendars into their sites; you simply add performance events to your own public Google Calendar and they automatically appear up-to-date on your site.

  • Home page
  • Resume page, including your single-page printable resume that can be downloaded from your site
  • Photo Gallery, or a Gallery of your work for artists
  • Video page, if you have a demo reel or other videos clips
  • Voiceovers page, if you have voice demos
  • Bio
  • Contacts page
  • Reviews
  • Your personal Blog
  • Calendar of show appearances

Want a web site? Click here to contact me by email (
I will custom design and build your site working together with you
  • Your cost is $50 for the initial design of your site plus $50 per page on the site.
  • See below for a description of the pages you might choose to have on your site.
  • You can have any number of photos, videos, and audio clips on your site.
  • I will do the uploads and setup at the hosting site of your choice (e.g., GoDaddy) for free.
  • I can be your ongoing webmaster and make all future updates to your site; first year of this service is free, thereafter either free or a small fee depending on the complexity and frequency of updates you want.
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